Water Treatment Plant Operations Services

Implementing water reuse and reclamation practices can produce substantial benefits for businesses and the environment, but the best results require time and expertise. Businesses considering establishing a new water treatment plant or updating their existing systems can collaborate with the experts at Natural Systems Utilities (NSU) to ensure daily operations are the most efficient.

NSU is an experienced water treatment operator that has maintained onsite plants for businesses across numerous industries. We encourage you to contact us online to discuss your facility and receive a quote for our operation services.


NSU offers a broad range of traditional contract operations services to public and private sector treatment plants — including management, operation, repair, and maintenance. These services free your business to focus on generating revenue while our experts work to lower overhead costs. NSU will ensure that your water treatment plant operates at full capacity, and we will be there to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

We also provide specialized, supportive services. Water treatment involves numerous processes that extend beyond maintaining the technology and equipment. Our support services assess your business’ administrative needs and other outside factors pertaining to your system that impact your bottom line, including:

  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Computerized maintenance management systems
  • Information systems
  • Quality control programs
  • Budget forecasting
  • Administration and public relations
  • Community involvement programs

In managing clients’ operation and maintenance projects, we reduce overall project cost and ensure the application of best-in-class techniques. Your business’s water treatment system will become a dependable contributor to your success.

As an owner of water and wastewater facilities, NSU fully understands the difficulties and responsibilities necessary to successfully operate and maintain water and wastewater facilities for its clients. We’ve spent more than 35 years operating treatment facilities, giving us the expertise to navigate any challenge.

Operational Excellence

Operating a water treatment facility is a complex task, and every business has unique circumstances that add to the challenge. You can trust NSU to overcome challenging obstacles and ensure your treatment system benefits you the way it should.

One of the greatest challenges that come with operating a waste treatment plant is understanding and abiding by relevant legal codes. NSU takes pride in our excellent record of maintaining regulatory compliance, even in the most difficult circumstances. During Superstorm Sandy in 2012, all of NSU’s 80+ systems along the eastern corridor remained in compliance with regulatory standards. Not one system incurred a violation.

Another challenge that NSU helps businesses manage is staffing their treatment centers with the appropriate scientific experts. Today’s standards of operating modern water supply or wastewater treatment facilities require a state-certified individual who has knowledge of chemistry, biology, electrical, mechanical, and management expertise.

Each business’s water treatment needs are unique from the next, which is why we have built a team and network of partners to handle any system. The company applies remote monitoring technology as well as distributed system management expertise to provide award-winning service. NSU maintains a staff of professional operators for contract operation services, providing full- and part-time operators for many clients.

Operation And Maintenance Experience

When NSU is entrusted to manage clients’ operation and maintenance projects, our clients benefit with reduced project cost and ensure the application of best-in-class techniques. As an owner of water and wastewater facilities, NSU fully understands the difficulties and responsibilities necessary to successfully operate and maintain water and wastewater facilities for its clients. We are here to work with you on any size system, budget, and timeline.

NSU achieves the highest standards of success as operators of wastewater treatment plants because of our rigorous commitment to the industry for over 35 years. We’ve gained insight regarding the operation of water treatment plants that can only come through hands-on experience satisfying unique needs across a multitude of projects.

We encourage you to view our past work to see how we’ve aided businesses in your industry. Some of our most notable clients and projects include:

  • Gillet Stadium and Patriot Place: NSU completed the largest water reuse facility in Massachusetts within the New England Patriots’ facilities.
  • Battery Park: NSU designed, built, and currently operates wastewater and rainwater recycling systems in one of New York’s largest clusters of residential buildings.
  • Credit River Township: NSU operates this community-scale system in Minnesota and attends Township Council meetings to review its performance.

Get Started With NSU

An experienced operation team can ensure you see the success you expect from your water treatment plant, so contract NSU for your business. We’re here to help you reimage water and discover new possibilities. Our operation services have benefited businesses across industries for more than 35 years, so get in touch using our online contact form to discuss how we can make a difference in your building.