Our Story

It all started in 1984 when a small group of visionaries created Applied Wastewater Technology to serve the Northeast.

Our roots were formed in operations management and as we grew to fit the demands of our clients we developed design, build, and ownership capabilities. Through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, we have grown from a regional to an international powerhouse. We have been fortunate to work on ground-breaking water reuse projects that formed the water reuse and recycling industry. Many can say they have experience – we can say we helped to create the industry and continue to innovate with each new project.

NSU WAS THE FIRST TO design a blackwater reuse system in New Jersey in 1987 design an in-building residential reuse system in a high rise in New York; LEED-Platinum develop an application of UV/Ozone to replace carbon filtration within water reuse plants build an in-building thermal energy transfer and non-potable water supply system design-build a pharmaceutical onsite water reuse system in the U.S. design-build a decentralized Community On-site Wastewater system utility (US) design-build a public school water reuse system

Our History

  • 1984

    Company Starts

    Applied Wastewater Technology opens for business.

  • 1985

    Expanded Our Services

    Started AWS (Applied Wastewater Services) as wastewater management group that focused on operations of wastewater facilities and septic system management.


  • 1987

    Bristol-Meyers Squibb, NJ

    1st pharmaceutical onsite water reuse system in the US.

  • 1988

    First decentralized community onsite wastewater system

    Completed onsite wastewater treatment facility for Bloomsbury, NJ


  • 1991

    Our First DBO Project

    NSU wins 30 year contract with Knowlton Township to complete the first Design-Build-Operate project.

  • 1994

    Ten Years Old!


  • 1995

    Became Applied Water Management

    Consolidate AWT, AWS and AES under the name Applied Water Management.

  • 1996

    Expand into CT & MA

    Expand water reuse into CT (Westbrook Outlet Center) and MA (Wrentham Outlet Center), the first water reuse systems in each state.

    First Public School Water Reuse System

    First public school water reuse system completed (Copper Hill Elementary School, NJ).


  • 1999

    Helped develop NYC building code 

    Worked with Battery Park City and the NYC Department of Health to develop the codes allowing for direct water reuse within buildings in NYC”.

  • 2000

    The Solaire, Battery Park, NY

    1st in-building water reuse system for residential high-rise in the US.


  • 2001

    American Water Acquires Applied Water Management
  • 2002

    Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA

    250,000+ GPD on-site water reuse system for New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

    Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA

    First UV/Ozone

    Develop the first application of UV/Ozone to replace carbon filtration within water reuse plants. Prototype tested at the Wrentham Mall.


  • 2004

    20 Years Old!

  • 2005

    St Croix Indians of Wisconsin

    Construction begins on new wastewater collection, treatment and disposal system to replace failing system for The St. Croix Indians of Wisconsin.


  • 2009

    NSU celebrates 25 Years!

  • 2010

    MacDonald Island, AB, Canada

    60,000 GPD onsite water treatment & reuse with thermal energy recovery.

    MacDonald Island, AB, Canada


  • 2011

    22 Awards

    NSU receives 22 Awards at the 2011 Wastewater Operations Conference.

  • 2012

    NSU Formed

    NSU acquires Applied Water Management and completes Series C financing.

    The New School University, New York, NY

    40,000 GPD in-building onsite water treatment & reuse for flush water, cooling, irrigation and laundry. First system to utilize reclaimed water for laundry in NYC.

    The New School University, New York, NY


  • 2013

    Stewardship Practices Recognized

    Received “Best for the World Award (Environment)”.

  • 2014

    30 Years Old!

    New Jersey Recognition

    NSU receives 4 awards from the Division of Public Safety (State of New Jersey)


  • 2015

    Awarded Durst Halletts Point Project

    First Thermal Energy Transfer

    NSU builds first in-building thermal energy transfer and non-potable water supply system (Solaire).

    Durst Hallets Point, Queens NYC

    Awarded Durst Halletts Point (Queens NYC) project. A district scale redevelopment with in-building water reuse.

    Durst Hallets Point, Queens NYC

  • 2016

    American Sustainable Business Council

    NSU became member of American Sustainable Business Council.

    Clean Water Campaign

    Founding member of Clean Water Campaign to protect DE River Watershed.

    New Jersey Sustainable Business Council

    Founding member of New Jersey Sustainable Business Council.

    Expand West

    NSU Acquires Philips Services with ~30 O&M contracts; establish foothold in the California market.


  • 2017

    One Water Award

    Received One Water Award for Stony Brook Millstone Watershed project.

    Best for the World Awards

    Received “Best for the World Award (Environment & Governance)”.

  • 2018

    Governance work honored

    Received “Best for the World Award (Governance)”.


  • 2019

    B Corp Certification

    NSU achieves B Corp Certification.

    NSU Acquires Bennett Environmental Associates

    Expands into Cape Cod and adds water licenses.

    Top 100 Impact Company

    Awarded Top 100 Impact Companies in North America.

    Microsoft Campus, Mountain View, CA

    643,000 sq. ft. onsite water reuse project to meet LBC net-zero non-potable water initiatives.

    NSU Acquires Acqualogic

    Expands into Silicon Valley and prepares to operate Microsoft Campus.