Hotel Water Treatment

Natural System Utilities (NSU) serves clients in the hospitality industry by implementing and maintaining successful water treatment systems for hotels. Our water treatment systems for resorts and hotels target specific needs to work toward net-zero water. There are various ways to benefit from water management in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality and Water Usage

Water is essential to any hotel or resort. From cleaning and laundry to drinking and tending the grounds, the hospitality industry uses a significant amount of water. Hotels account for 15% of all commercial water usage in the United States. Of that, 30% goes toward restroom and domestic use, laundry and landscaping account for 16%, 14% goes toward kitchen use and 12% is for heating and cooling.

Like many other sectors, the hospitality industry has can reduce water usage and save money along the way. Many water applications in hotels and resorts create greywater waste that, while not suitable to drink, can be treated and recycled.

hotel and resort water treatment plan

Benefits of Sustainable Water Systems for Hospitality

hotel and resort water treatment plan

There are numerous ways to benefit from water treatment in the hospitality industry. NSU has over 23 years of experience designing, constructing, operating, owning and maintaining innovative wastewater treatment systems in numerous industries, so choose one of our services to:

  • Access the quantity you need for all cleaning, cooling, cooking and landscaping needs.
  • Impress guests with refreshing, crystal-clear water from the tap.
  • Clean sheets and dishes more thoroughly for visibly cleaner results.
  • Meet the demand for consistent access to clean water through a sustainable closed-loop water system.
  • Achieve water resiliency with a decentralized system free from dependence on local water sources.
  • Reduce overhead costs by making the most of every gallon in your facility.

NSU’s Expertise in Water Systems for the Hospitality Industry

At NSU, we’ve taken on water treatment projects in businesses across industries. Our team will work closely with you to develop a water solution that addresses your unique needs. NSU operates a cost-effective water system at the Lutsen Resort along Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. The Lutsen Resort system treats in-house wastewater to preserve the natural landscape and ecosystems. We invite you to browse our previous projects for more on the ways we’ve assisted clients across sectors.

Start Your Project With NSU

NSU is here to help clients in the hospitality industry reimagine water. Please contact us online to start a conversation about your facility.