What is the
NSU Way?

Where others might tell you no, NSU finds a way to make it happen. Being the industry originator we have the reputation and deep-rooted relationships to guide projects from concept to completion. We strive to provide 360 degree services by offering design, build, operations, maintenance, finance and ownership solutions.

Leading the world in onsite water treatment and reuse solutions.

Natural Systems Utilities (NSU) creates value where others see waste. Since 1984, we have been an industry leader in water reclamation and reuse innovation. We currently manage 250+ onsite systems along with 150+ innovative/alternative Title V facilities across North America.

Our award-winning approach features fully integrated and cost effective solutions for water supply, wastewater treatment, and water reuse. Our reputation is built on best in class execution and focuses on long-term shared-value partnerships with the people and communities we serve.

Our Mission

“We seek to reimagine water by providing innovative solutions that safeguard the world’s water resources.”

Our Vision

“A world where recycled water is used to flush away its waste, run its machines or irrigate its crops. Where all water is sourced locally and where all wastewater is reused directly or returned to the environment from which it came.”