Hospital Water Filtration Systems

The water services and solutions available through Natural Systems Utilities (NSU) can benefit hospitals and other medical buildings. Healthcare wastewater treatment helps medical facilities procure water to provide the best patient care. NSU can ensure your healthcare center meets water demand while achieving sustainability and budget goals.

Water Use in Hospitals

Hospitals contribute to roughly seven percent of commercial water use in the United States. Hospitals use 35% of their water for domestic and restroom applications, 20% for cooling and heating and 15% for medical equipment operation. Other tasks like landscaping and laundry make up 7% and 9% of water use in hospitals, respectively.

Much of the water used for sanitization, treatment, HVAC and other hospital uses creates greywater that, while not suitable for drinking, can undergo treatment in nonpotable applications. A decentralized system that recycles greywater can work toward net-zero water at your facility.

Why Medical Facilities Need Water Systems

Healthcare water treatment systems can be vital tools for any hospital or medical facility, given their consumption rates. Here are a few ways your hospital or practice can benefit from water management systems for healthcare facilities:

  • Rise to demand: Medical facilities use water to maintain sanitary facilities and provide adequate patient care. In-house water purification systems for hospitals and other medical buildings can ensure the amount of water they need is available on demand.
  • Provide sustainable medical care: Healthcare and water are essential to society, so implement sustainable practices like water reuse to treat patients within a closed resource loop.
  • Reduce costs: Healthcare water purification systems enable hospitals to reduce overhead charges by maximizing the value of every gallon in circulation.
  • Offer resilient care: A decentralized water system eliminates any medical practice’s reliance on local utilities, meaning water will be available even when natural disasters affect water distribution.

NSU’s Previous Work in the Healthcare Industry

NSU has over 37 years of experience helping businesses in various sectors implement on-site water treatment strategies, including those in the healthcare industry. Medical clients can choose a service that satisfies water treatment system needs in unique ways. Our maintenance services ensure that the treatment system at California’s Sutter Hospital operates at total capacity with a zero-tolerance disruption policy.

The experts at NSU can tailor a hospital wastewater treatment system to your precise needs. Our services have benefited clients in all industries across the nation, so get in touch to discuss water treatment at your medical campus.