Water Project Ownership

Onsite water treatment systems can benefit any commercial property, but owning one may not be in your immediate budget. One of the many water treatment services Natual Systems Utilities (NSU) offers is water project ownership. Our ownership services contribute capital to help businesses and property owners design and engineer water treatment plants and labor to partner in its operation. Collaborating with NSU for water project ownership can make an onsite treatment facility more feasible. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

Public-Private Partnership

Several perceived barriers associated with the implementation of water and energy infrastructure can be overcome utilizing a Public-Private Partnership Model (PPP). A partnership with Natural Systems Utilities mitigates the risks for your business associated with project implementation by delivering the project using a Design-Build-Own-Operate (DBOO) approach and partnering as needed with key experts in the industry. NSU can provide the capital investment and expertise to build the project and share operating responsibilities if desired by the client. Utilizing this approach, a project can begin in a timely manner without delays resulting from grant approvals, state revolving funds, or sale of municipal bonds, and can be completed in an expedited manner.

What is a Public-Private Partnership?

A public-private partnership is a funding agreement that businesses will implement to disperse costs between a private company and a public partner when building power plants, airports, telecommunications systems, and water treatment and reuse facilities. A PPP can take many forms, but most connect businesses with a government agency through a contract where each party provides a portion of the resources to complete the project.

PPP agreements are useful when developing water treatment plants because of their size and the number of workers needed to complete construction and manage the facility. A PPP can be the difference that turns your plans for an onsite water treatment plant into a reality.

What Does a Public-Private Partnership Look Like?

A PPP can take many forms, and there are numerous models that companies and agencies will use to form their agreement. Each of the common PPP models covers a different format for ownership as the project progresses through stages. NSU offers a few PPP models, including:

  • Design-Build: Our experts will help develop the project plans and engineer the facility. Your business will take ownership upon completion and handle daily operations.
  • Design-Build-Operate: NSU will provide resources for the development and construction of the project. We will also staff the plant after construction as the owners.
  • Operate: Your business will design and construct its water treatment facility and contract NSU to handle the operations.
  • Ownership: Similar to our operation agreement, your business will plan and build its water treatment infrastructure then cover operational expenses. NSU will own the facility, controlling any profits or losses.
  • Maintenance: NSU will provide maintenance services to ensure the treatment plant you own is fully operational.

You can learn more about our water treatment services online or by contacting NSU to discuss your project.

How Will a Public-Private Partnership With NSU Benefit Your Business?

The primary benefit of making a PPP agreement is that your business will receive the resources it needs to cover some or all of the expenses related to designing, building, operating, and maintaining a water treatment facility.

Businesses across the United States choose NSU as their public partner because we have nearly 40 years of experience developing, maintaining, and owning water treatment plants. Our experience gives us the skills to assist in any and all phases of a water project.

Discuss Your Project With NSU

Natural Systems Utilities will help you reimagine water at your facility. You can contact us online to discuss your project and how our water project ownership service would benefit you.