Water Treatment Services

Global markets and governments alike recognize the need for sustainable utilities. Corporations can become leaders in environmental conservation, and optimizing water usage is an excellent starting point. Most businesses use tens of thousands of gallons of water onsite every day. Your business can improve its sustainability practices with water treatment services from Natural Systems Utilities.

NSU offers end-to-end water treatment services that help companies establish, implement and maintain cost-effective water reclamation programs. Our tailored services will help your organization reduce costs and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.


NSU is available to design and build a water treatment infrastructure you can operate on your own.Our systems reduce overhead costs by integrating various technologies for wastewater reclamation and reuse. We’ll send a team of engineers, designers and construction experts to lead in-house planning and construction efforts for your treatment system. You’ll enjoy timely delivery on a cost-effective project that positions your company for a sustainable future.


Our design-build-operate services go an extra step to ensure your water reclamation system is successful after construction. After planning and constructing your project, our team is available to oversee operations. We’ll monitor your facility for efficiency, safety, regulatory compliance and more.

Working with a single-source provider like NSU ensures smooth transitions between project phases, reducing costs and producing the best outcome. NSU has the depth of experience needed to deliver a timely and sustainable water system for businesses in any industry.

Water treatment


The water treatment system operations services available through NSU help businesses manage and maintain successful sustainability solutions. Our team provides a broad range of support services — from facility maintenance to budget forecasting and even capital investments or public relations.

Work with NSU to optimize your existing water treatment program, reduce costs, ensure regulatory compliance and more. With NSU, your business can trust its water reclamation program meets and surpasses company goals.


Owning an on-site water sustainability system comes with numerous responsibilities. Sharing ownership with an experienced organization can allow your team to focus on what it does best while retaining corporate sustainability efforts.

NSU can collaborate with your business through a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model, helping you navigate the challenges that come with implementing a water treatment infrastructure. Under a PPP agreement, you’ll access NSU’s expertise and capital to ensure your project gets off the ground and reaches completion on time and within your budget.


NSU makes preventative maintenance and repairs for onsite water supplies and treatment infrastructures affordable for businesses across industries. We offer a range of programs that address your company’s needs so you can make the most of your maintenance and repair budget. With over 30-years of industry experience, NSU has the expertise to promote long-lasting water treatment solutions.

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At NSU, we proudly serve clients in regions across the United States. Our water treatment services enable companies to implement and maintain successful sustainability solutions. Work with us to reduce overhead costs and contribute toward global conservation efforts. For more information on our water treatment offerings and rates, contact NSU online today!