Water Reimagined Reuse Reclamation Treatment Innovation Engineers

Water Reimagined Reuse Reclamation Treatment Innovation Engineers

Who We Are

NSU is a leader in water innovation with more than 38 years of experience planning, engineering, operating, and maintaining water recycling systems. We began providing innovative water solutions for businesses in 1984 and have grown to become one of the most prominent water reuse organizations in the nation. We are here to help you reimagine water.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond technical expertise. We take the time to understand every client’s needs and develop packages to meet them. NSU partners receive the personal attention necessary to implement and maintain sustainable, long-lasting water treatment systems.


Gallons Cleaned On-Site

Over 90% of our facilities directly reuse treated water for beneficial purposes such as flush water or indirectly reuse that water on-site by recharging aquifers below to maintain the local water balance for future generations.


NSU has almost 40 years of experience in combining the role of Engineer, Contractor and Operator of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure. This experience and turnkey platform provides seamless multi-discipline Design-Build (DB), Design-Build-Operate (DBO), and Design-Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (DBOOM) services to our customers.

Why Look Into Water Reuse?

Escalating water and sewer costs Pollution and lack of centralized water Aging infrastructure Growing demand for increased resiliency Green building initiatives Regulatory trends and requirements

Get In Touch With NSU

Water reclamation is an opportunity for businesses to implement sustainability into their daily processes while boosting revenue. Dozens of companies across sectors have already experienced the benefits of NSU’s water reuse services. You can view previous NSU projects to see how we’ve helped businesses in your industry.

NSU has the expertise to make profitable water recycling a reality at your facility. Contact us online to discuss what we can do for you.

What our customers say

Far Hills is extremely happy to be in the good hands of Jens and Natural Systems for this 5 year project, again.

- Lori FitzgibbonFar Hills Country Day School

“Finding the right partner for projects of this scope is not easy. Based on a colleague’s recommendation I took a chance with NSU and I am glad I did. The professionalism and willingness to adapt stood out. They are my first choice for future developments.”

- Charles

“I have worked on 3 projects with the NSU team and their knowledge and experience are what I value most. Being able to highlight their past projects has created buy-in from my partners.”

- Steven

“We unfortunately learned from working with other firms how great NSU is.They anticipate needs in the project better than anyone else and deliver accurate quotes.”

- Shannon

“This was a very important partnership for us. They not only implemented the plant for us but they maintained it, they monitored the water and made sure it was ran efficiently.”

- Miroslav Salon— Albanese Organization

“Thank you Darrell. I know it was a mad dash to finish line. We appreciate the late night effort.”

- Samuel E. Park— Sam Park & Co

We are actively seeking more sites in that area and you will be our first call if we get something.

Joe FBlack Creek Group

Great job, well done, definitely full credit on the way you worked this permitting challenge. Really, really, well done. Thank you.

Anthony MelilloGladstone Capital

Thank you, thank you thank you..I have never had such a high level of service as well as an amazing experience.

Mark DorfmanHome Maintenance Organization

You inspire confidence and you obviously know your stuff…

John WyciskalaCawley Crossing Project

Thanks! You’re def the expert. We’ve been giving your contact info out to a lot of clients recently.

Christian RocheLangan

On behalf of the Borough, let me express my deep gratitude and thanks for all the guidance and advice that you have given us over the last 20+ years.

Janet HovenMayor of Chester

Your group was a pleasure to work with and I’m pleased that you and the other firms are working well together as a team effort.

Brian J. DiRestaSafavieh Development Group

Appreciate you and your teams diligence on this project.

Kevin StonePyramid Management Group

I’m glad to work with you and appreciate the help on these projects.  I think that we are a good team and will see a lot of innovation and success.

- Don RosënBuro Happold

Our system continues to work beautifully – almost no attention needed from us

- Sara GordonSylvester Manor Educational Farm

I was out there a couple of weeks ago with my kid and I noticed the constructed wetlands. I was pretty stoked to see it. I wanted to praise the work you did.

- Justin LyonKimley-Horn

Looking forward to working together again this year.

- Dorothy HicksFar Hills Country Day School

My team and I feel like the professionalism with this project has been phenomenal. I really appreciate the efforts to maintain this project in a way that supports our requirements for internal governance as well.

- Valerie SnowAmerican Water Enterprises

Thank you for your excellent presentation yesterday about blackwater systems. Please also extend our gratitude to your team.

- Mallory Taub Gensler

NSU, kudos to you as based on past experience with the applications you have filed [with the DEP] they don’t expect significant technical issues to arise during the formal technical review.

- David GlassCLB Partners

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