Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place



Sq. Ft.


Reduced Water Reuse


Reduced Discharge


million investment

  • Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA


In 2001, during the construction phases of the new stadium, the projected water usage required for the arena indicated that the Town of Foxborough would not be able to supply the water supply needs, causing a strain on the Town’s on game day. It was also made apparent that the municipal wastewater treatment facility in place would not be able to handle the excess wastewater flow. Additional services necessary for the stadium and the Town of Foxborough included managing the water reuse system, repair and maintenance, customer services and capital planning.


  • Largest Water Reuse Facility in Massachusetts
  • In operation since 2003
  • Expanding use of reuse water to include irrigation
  • Reuse water storage tank is integrated with Town of Foxborough Water Department’s SCADA system