Designing and Building Integrated Water Reuse Systems

Every business shares the common need for sustainable water solutions, yet each has its own set of challenges to face along the way. At Natural Systems Utilities (NSU), we pride ourselves in working with our clients in developing solutions that work best for their specific situations.

NSU is a team of water reuse experts with over 35 years in the industry eager to help your business find the best path toward in-house sustainability. While designing your integrated system, we focus on all aspects of the project through our first-hand experience as owner-operators ourselves. NSU can be a partner in the design process or handle all aspects. We are here to help you reimagine water. Contact us for a quote to start designing your water reclamation system today.

What is Design-Build?

NSU’s Design-Build program is a service that connects your business with expert planners, engineers, and construction professionals who understand how to implement effective water treatment systems in any circumstance. We’ve provided our full-service project approach to businesses with unique needs in numerous industries. NSU has designed and built water and renewable energy infrastructure systems ranging in size from small communities to municipalities, and we are capable of tackling your project.

Designing and building water treatment systems is a complex process that requires careful planning and precise engineering. NSU has more than 35 years of experience designing and constructing water supply systems. We stay on the cutting edge to implement the latest technologies that are driving the industry toward greater sustainability potential. The systems we implement comprise various wastewater recycling and treatment technologies, each applied for the greatest effect in your situation.

The greatest long-term results come through thoughtful water system designs and close attention to detail through the various stages of implementation. NSU’s design-build expertise offers our clients an efficient and cost-effective full-service project approach allowing our in-house planning, engineering, and construction professionals to collaborate, develop, and build reliable infrastructure. This seamless process provides our clients with access to a single service provider accountable from project concept through completion.

Commercial, municipal, industrial, utilities, and institutional clients enjoy reduced risk, a streamlined project delivery schedule, and life-cycle cost savings. With NSU, you can design and build a water treatment infrastructure at your facility, no matter your industry.

What is Design-Build-Operate?

At Natural Systems Utilities, we know that you and your team have enough on your plate to handle when it comes to daily operations. You care about practicing water stewardship at the office, but the process of changing your existing practices or system requires time and expertise that may not be readily available to you. How do you know where to start? NSU’s Design-Build-Operate (DBO) program is a set of services that allow businesses to move forward with their sustainability plans. We’ll work closely with you to bring your water treatment or recycling project to life and stay on board to ensure it performs as expected after construction.

NSU combines the roles of designer, engineer, constructor, and operator of water, energy, and wastewater reclamation infrastructure components in a seamless multi-discipline Design-Build-Operate service to our clients. Working in tandem with operations during project startup allows for a smooth transition through phases as well as a successful operation. Efficient construction and effective management reduce costs when implementing a water treatment system and keep them low for its entire lifespan.

Beyond the significant reduction in capital costs, these alternative procurement techniques have demonstrated that there are other important benefits to clients over the more traditional design-bid-build approach. Natural Systems Utilities’ Design-Build-Operate services can benefit your business by providing:

  • A fully integrated, single source for planning, permitting, design, construction, and operation of water/wastewater systems. Our program streamlines a client’s need to arrange for, integrate, and manage the efforts of a wide variety of vendors.
  • Highly qualified engineers and designers who receive real-world input from our construction and operations staff during the design process, ensuring that efficient and economical considerations are factored into both construction and long-term operation.
  • Our construction division, which has full access to the process engineering and operations teams. We produce the best results by allowing a critical give-and-take relationship that is essential during design and construction phases, thus shortening the overall project schedule.

NSU’s Design, Build, and Operations experience encompasses water systems, water reclamation systems, water reuse supply systems, and heat recovery systems. Participation from these teams during all phases of a project ensures that you receive a cost-effective, timely, and quality DBO deliverable. Our experts are happy to discuss your project and determine the strategies for designing, constructing, and operating your treatment system.

Discuss Your Project With NSU

NSU is available with water treatment services tailored to your business’s needs. Our water resource engineering experts will collaborate with you to design and build a sustainable, cost-effective wastewater treatment or reuse system. NSU’s operation teams are also available to lend our experience for daily management that facilitates a smooth post-construction transition and ensures optimal performance year after year. Our services are transparent and affordable, and you can learn more by getting in touch with our experienced team members.