Decentralized Water Systems

Every commercial building has unique water consumption needs, and who understands your business’s needs better than you? A decentralized water system will put your business in control of its water management system to ensure it achieves your needs and sustainability goals.

Natural Systems Utilities (NSU)’s integrated water resource management solutions are available to businesses in any sector. We will design, build, operate and maintain water management solutions that address specific needs in your industry. NSU will gladly discuss the possibility of a decentralized water supply at your commercial facility.


NSU can help any business implement decentralized water treatment. Our first mission statement in 1984 focused on providing water innovation and environmental stewardship. With that focus and commitment over the last 37 years, we have built a reputation as a partner that will find a way to solve any water equation. We have been fortunate to provide our services in numerous industries/sectors. Below is a shortlist of the countless areas we can support.

  • Residential / Commercial / Mixed Use
  • Mixed Higher Education
  • Sporting Complex Tech Campuses
  • Food & Beverage
  • Data Centers Hospitals & Health Care Facilities
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Municipal/Government

Mixed-use communities have been NSU’s primary clients for over 35 years. There are numerous reasons on-site water management could be a good fit for your mixed-use building. Your community may be too far from a centralized system, the local cost of water/wastewater services may be high or you may be looking to reduce your water footprint. NSU helps mixed-use property owners save money and reduce their environmental impact by capitalizing on existing resources.

Battery Park City | Whispering Pines

Universities and Colleges face unique water challenges with having student housing, classroom buildings, research centers, district energy facilities and so much more within a single location. As large non-potable water users, it is beneficial to look at potential reduction in your water/sewer use and associated costs.

Decentralized water supplies help academic institutions use less and save more. Greywater from your cafeteria, fountains labs and more will undergo treatment and be ready for reuse. In addition, improving your water management system provides additional academic program research opportunities and aligns with sustainability standards sought by alumni, the community and leadership.

The New School

Stadiums have large water and sewer service needs with a high percentage of non-potable water demands which can be well served by on-site recycling facilities in both sewered and unsewered areas. Golf courses use a large amount of water for irrigation and on-site facilities can reduce costs or provide water security during sustained periods of drought. NSU has worked with athletic complexes of various sizes to implement effective water infrastructures that produce long-term benefits.

Gillette Stadium | MacDonald Island | Hawk Pointe | Hamilton Farm

Microsoft Campus - Natural Systems Utilities Project

Tech Campuses

Microsoft Campus - Natural Systems Utilities Project

Tech campuses are like mixed-use communities which may be too far from centralized systems or may be located in areas with high water and sewer charges. A decentralized water system can give tech buildings the water access necessary for all cooling and cleaning functions. Campuses generate large amounts of wastewater which can be treated and reused on-site for nonpotable purposes. On-site water management makes significant strides toward enhancing environmental stewardship and sustainability initiatives in the tech industry.


Food & Beverage facilities have large water demands along with high wastewater surcharges or are operating with limited access to centralized water infrastructure. Water is an essential tool for cleaning produce, meats and the equipment used for production and transportation. A decentralized system will give your food or beverage production facility control over its costs and sustainability efforts. NSU works with wineries, breweries, cannabis production and other food and beverage facilities to recycle process water and/or reduce wastewater strength/volume reduce operating expenses and water footprint.

Johanna Farms

Bristol Myers Squibb

Bristol Myers Squibb | Natural Systems Utilities

Data Centers

Bristol Myers Squibb

Bristol Myers Squibb | Natural Systems Utilities

Other industrial facilities like Data Centers, Airports and Pharmaceutical buildings utilize large amounts of water for cooling uses and cleaning processes. Your data center may benefit from utilizing an on-site recycling facility to reduce waste discharges and the amount of potable water being used for cooling purposes. The experts at NSU have the experience to adapt their knowledge to any commercial setting, including data centers.

hospital and medical center water reuse company

Hospitals have some of the highest uses of water per square foot. Water consumption is high in healthcare buildings due to the large amount of equipment cooling demands and other uses such as laundry, all of which can benefit from on-site water recycling facilities. Water treatment can make much of the water hospitals discard available for reuse. Any healthcare facility can reduce costs by implementing and maintaining a decentralized water system tailored to its needs.

Sutter Hospital | Gurwin Jewish Healthcare Facility

Hotels and Resorts are like mixed-use communities which may be too far from centralized systems or may be located in areas with high water and sewer charges. At scale, these resorts generate large amounts of wastewater which can be treated and reused on-site for nonpotable purposes. A water treatment system can save hotels and resorts money by doing more with the water in circulation.

Lutsen Resort

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) can bring economic development opportunities along with shared costs for infrastructure and maintenance services. NSU currently operates municipal infrastructure and provides design/build services to integrate centralized and decentralized infrastructure increasing sustainability and resiliency initiatives. A PPP can give your organization the resources it needs to implement a sustainable, cost-effective decentralized water system, so see how NSU can come to your aid.

Town of Philipsburg

Discuss Water Treatment Services At Your Property

The experts at NSU are here to bolster your building with a water management infrastructure that provides significant financial and environmental benefits. Learn more about the ways our services benefit companies in your sector when you contact NSU online or at 908-359-5501.