College Campus Water Systems

Sustainable water is an essential resource for any college campus. Implement efficient systems that show environmental stewardship is a top priority. Natural Systems Utilities (NSU) specializes in water treatment services for education institutions. We have over 37 years of experience serving customers in various sectors, including higher education. Our experts can tailor a university wastewater treatment system around your institution’s needs.

Higher Education and Water Usage

college campus water recycling systems

Water management systems for schools seek to drive schools closer to net-zero water. Like any commercial or mixed-use property, college campuses use a great deal of water. Educational buildings account for six percent of the United States’ total commercial water use, meaning any reduction in consumption can have a significant impact.

Forty-five percent of water used in educational facilities goes toward domestic and restroom use. Landscaping takes 28%, cooling and heating amount to 11%, kitchen and dish applications total 7% and another 3% goes toward laundry. Many of these applications create greywater that can be reused when treated with a water recycling system.

college campus water recycling systems
college campus water reclamation systems

Benefits of Sustainable Water Systems for Higher Educations

college campus water reclamation systems

NSU clients can choose a water solution that creates sustainable water access on college campuses. We offer a potable water system for college campuses and other solutions that help universities reimagine water. Having a water supply or greywater system on your college campus can lead to various benefits, including:

  • Reliable, sustainable water access in quantities that meet the demand for all campus applications.
  • Cleaner water for drinking, bathing, washing dishes and more.
  • Lower overhead costs in a closed-loop system.
  • Greater ability to attract potential students.

NSU’s Experience With College Campus Water Systems

NSU develops university water systems that produce impressive results for clients. Our experts will collaborate with you to determine the best water service for your campus and implement a solution that achieves your goals.

The New School Univerity came to NSU to reduce water use and wastewater discharge at their campus in New York City. Our experts installed a water treatment and reclamation system that dropped wastewater discharge by 89% while capping water consumption at 40,000 gallons per day. The New School’s water system is one of the largest and most effective in New York City.

Contact NSU to Get Started

Natural Systems Utilities is here to help your educational institution step closer to net-zero water through innovative supply and reuse systems. We go the extra mile to understand your situation and target precise goals, so contact NSU online to discuss your campus’ needs.