Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Natural Systems Utilities (NSU) is a leader in water treatment services and solutions for industrial facilities. Our industrial water treatment experience makes us capable of adapting systems to any client’s most stringent needs. Your business can experience significant benefits from implementing an industrial water treatment system.

What Qualifies as a Large Industrial Facility?

Industrial water management is available to facilities housing various types of businesses with substantial cooling needs. Buildings that contain heavy machinery or large computer networks use water to cool and clean equipment, as well as other applications around the building. Large industrial facilities include:

  • Tech campuses.
  • Data centers.
  • Airports.

How Do Industrial Facilities Benefit From Water Reuse?

Each type of large industrial facility has its own set of needs and experiences unique benefits from implementing an industrial wastewater treatment infrastructure. Industrial water treatment systems benefit tech campuses, data centers and airports.

Tech Campus

Data Centers

Tech campus water management solutions account for the logistical challenges these facilities face. Some tech centers are far from municipal water sources or are in an area where water and sewer charges are high. Campus water use systems ensure access to clean water while reducing overhead costs and contributing to sustainability efforts.


Airports use a substantial amount of water for nonpotable applications. A wastewater treatment system can reclaim the water airport staff use to sanitize planes, gates, security systems and restrooms. NSU’s innovative strategies help the most highly trafficked airports conserve water.

NSU’s Experience in Industrial Water Treatment

NSU has over 37 years of experience developing and maintaining water treatment infrastructures for industrial buildings. We’ll use our expertise to push your facility toward net-zero water. The NSU team has succeeded in various industrial settings and is eager to embrace your facility’s unique challenges. Browse our previous projects to understand how our services have helped other facilities in your industry.

Discuss Your Industrial Facility With NSU

Industrial wastewater treatment can open new possibilities for savings and sustainability at your facility. NSU customers can choose a water treatment service that best fits their needs, so contact us online to discuss your facility or water reuse project.