Lutsen Resort



Year Old Resort

  • Lutsen Resort in Minnesota


“The Lutsen Resort is located approximately 90 miles northeast of Duluth, MN nestled along the cobblestone beaches of the scenic North Shore region of Lake Superior. Founded in 1885, the Lutsen Resort has been in operation for over 130 years and is Minnesota’s oldest resort. This treasured and historic retreat is a Minnesota icon that hosts tourists from around the globe seeking to experience the beauty of nature among the rocky cliffs, forested hills, and scenic rivers.

The resort itself is split into several different phases, each of which requires its own wastewater treatment system. In order to blend in with the natural aesthetics of the resort, each phase has its own constructed wetland treatment system in place. The resort, town-home complex, and employee housing facilities are served by two state permitted vertical flow constructed wetlands. Additionally, the Sea Villas and Poplar River Condos are served by two county permitted horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands.”


  • Oldest resort in Minnesota
  • System blends in with nature
  • Multiple wetland treatment systems


The remote location of the resort coupled with the differing requirements for each piece of infrastructure make operations and management of the wastewater treatment systems quite challenging. Despite being located nearly 250 miles away from the resort, the operators at Natural Systems Utilities are highly capable and fully able to provide effective and efficient management of the systems through regular visits to the resort in tandem with coordination of maintenance and repair activities with the resort’s facilities maintenance staff. This close working relationship between the Lutsen Resort staff and NSU results in effective day-to-day operations from onsite facilities maintenance staff, while operators manage sampling and reporting with regulatory agencies remotely. The goal is cost effective wastewater operations while preserving the natural beauty of the resort coupled with the efficient treatment of the wastewater to protect the treasured waters of Lake Superior. Providing customized services to meet those goals, NSU operates and maintains the Lutsen Resort’s wastewater facilities in harmony with nature.