Credit River Township








Credit River Township is nestled in the rolling hills of southeast Scott County, Minnesota. Much of this region is covered with beautiful farmland and natural forests, however, the close proximity to both Minneapolis and St. Paul make it a haven for real estate developers looking to provide homeowners a neighborhood feel with a rural flavor. In the early 2000’s Credit River decided to grow their Township by promoting community wastewater treatment systems.
Natural Systems Utilities (NSU) was retained to help guide the Township into developing a comprehensive decentralized wastewater management plan, including ordinances, rate setting, planning budgets for capital replacement, as well as coordination with developers and builders.

Four housing developments were constructed in Credit River Township with the capacity for more than 200 total homes, each with their own septic tank effluent pumping (STEP) system that delivers wastewater to seven different community wastewater treatment systems. The seven systems are comprised of recirculating gravel and textile filter pretreatment systems, with final disposal to a vast network of pressure dosed mound systems. In all, the systems are designed to treat an average flow of more than 110,000 gallons per day.



The challenge for the Credit River Township was obtaining a capable operations company that could manage all aspects of the community wastewater treatment systems as well as the individual home STEP systems. Since 2004, NSU has provided wastewater operations, maintenance and management services for the seven community wastewater treatment systems as well as annual inspections of all home STEP systems for Credit River Township. NSU is responsible for the overall operations of all the community wastewater systems as well as for all maintenance and repairs. In addition, we provide remote monitoring of all community and home systems via onsite telemetry software to ensure a prompt response to any emergency situation. Further, NSU coordinates all routine and emergency septic pumping and frequently meets with the Township, its residents, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. On an administrative level, NSU operators attend Township Council meetings upon request, and work in tandem with the Township Treasurer to review the previous year’s budget and assist in forecasting for the upcoming year. NSU also leverages our leading industry experience to provide professional oversight of all septic tank installations for new homes on behalf of Scott County.
At NSU, our goal is to provide clients with fully integrated and cost effective water and wastewater treatment solutions. Our focus is to ensure that these systems operate in a safe, reliable, long-lasting and highly efficient manner. The result has been a positive and successful model of helping a non-technical client effectively manage their risk through NSU’s active involvement and trusted professional services.