Water Reclamation Projects in Long Island

Natural Systems Utilities (NSU) offers water treatment services in cities across the United States. We can design, construct, operate, maintain, and finance wastewater treatment systems for Long Island businesses and communities. Work with NSU for a water treatment system New York consumers can count on for dependable access to clean water.

New York and Water Usage

Long Island New York water recycling project

Water is essential for any city to thrive. Reliable, resilient water access facilitates healthy populations and prosperous businesses. Long Island’s residents and businesses need water for everything from cooking to cleaning, bathing, cooling, irrigation, and more. High demand and population cause Long Island to consume between 130 and 140 gallons per capita every day — 30% to 40% above the national average.

Long Island’s water comes from groundwater aquifers, which usually meet residential and commercial demands, but storms, pollution, dry weather, and overconsumption present massive problems for the city. Groundwater is susceptible to contamination from pesticides, septic systems, and industrial wastewater, especially during a flood. Contaminated aquifers result in clean water scarcities for Long Island’s residents. Many consumers withdraw more water than Long Island’s aquifer systems can supply.

Long Island faces the challenge of finding ways to ensure steady access to clean water for its residents and businesses. Decentralized water systems for Long Island communities can be a path toward net-zero water. NSU provides solutions for water reliability that capitalizes on every gallon in circulation.

Long Island New York water recycling project
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Benefits of Sustainable Water Reuse System for New York

nsu water projects - nsu new york

There are various ways Long Island’s residents and businesses can benefit from decentralized water recycling systems. Natural Systems Utilities has the experience to implement water reuse projects in Long Island that create significant improvements in areas like:

  • Quality: Sustainable water systems employ effective treatment methods to improve city water quality.
  • Availability: A water treatment and recycling system outputs more clean water and taps into sources that would otherwise go to waste.
  • Resiliency: Decentralized systems are closed loops separate from municipal supplies, meaning they can continue service when city water experiences a disruption.
  • Sustainability: Recycling water can reduce overall consumption in Long Island, helping the city play its part in global environmentalist missions.
  • Price: A sustainable supply that meets consumer demand will lower water costs for businesses and residents.

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