Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Natural Systems Utilities (NSU) designs, builds, operates, owns and maintains mixed-use and commercial water reclamation systems. We have over 37 years of industry experience, giving us the skillset to tailor commercial water filtration systems to clients’ needs. We can discuss your facility and how our services can add value.

What are Mixed-Use Properties?

Mixed-use buildings are those that contain both residential and commercial tenants, diversifying the owners’ revenue sources. While many buildings exclusively house residential or commercial buildings, some serve both purposes. Owners of mixed-use buildings have the potential for high returns, and they also have one of the best opportunities to combat water scarcity.

The ability to accommodate tenants’ needs using sustainable practices can create additional value for property owners. Implementing an on-site mixed-use property water treatment system lets property owners increase revenue while practicing environmental stewardship.

Why Mixed-Use Properties Need Water Systems

Commercial greywater recycling systems can add value to any mixed-use building while providing a sustainable way to meet tenant demand. Here are a few reasons to consider a water reclamation system at your mixed-use property:

  • Meet high demand: Residential and commercial tenants use a lot of water for drinking, cleaning and HVAC needs. Combined with your landscaping needs, water demand is high. A decentralized water system for mixed-use properties gives you control of your water supply, which is especially important during periods of drought.
  • Practice environmental stewardship: A commercial water reclamation system allows you to meet demand within a closed loop. Cleaning, cooling and other domestic applications create greywater that a purification system can prepare for nonpotable use. Water sustainability will also contribute to your bottom line and public appeal.
  • Comply with zoning ordinance: Legislating bodies set standards for water quality and access. A reliable on-site water treatment system will ensure that your building is up to code so you can avoid fees.

NSU’s Commercial and Mixed-Use Experience

NSU has worked on dozens of water treatment projects for buildings across numerous sectors. We have the experience and industry knowledge to meet any mixed-use building’s unique needs. We’ve displayed our excellence in mixed-use water filtration through projects like the wastewater and rainwater recycling systems at Battery Park City in downtown Manhattan. Our utility systems contributed to wastewater discharge reductions as high as 60%.
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Get Started With NSU

NSU’s experts are happy to discuss your mixed-use facility and collaborate on an effective water solution, so contact us online today!