Sonoma Raceway



NSU was able to reduce annual operating costs by 55%, achieved via automation and reducing NSU’s labor costs.

  • Sonoma Raceway Project, California


Built in 1968, Sonoma Raceway is a self-contained facility with its own water production, water treatment, water storage, water booster pumps and a water distribution pipeline system. Sonoma Raceway also has an on-site wastewater system which includes a network of wastewater pipelines, wastewater pumping stations, wastewater treatment plant and an irrigation system fed with reclaimed water. The Sonoma Raceway had a sophisticated membrane treatment system for water treatment and a lot of modern equipment, but had a very limited communication system to tie all of their equipment together. Because of such limited communications, operators had to spend several hours weekly traveling across the extensive site to collect data and determine system conditions.


  • After an initial year that saves an estimated 23% in operator charges, this system will result in an annual savings of 55% in operator costs compared with the manual systems.
  • NSU Investment to assist Owner with capital expenses