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Acres of Open Space


A family owned 112-acre parcel alongside the Assabet River received a smart-growth designation from the Town of Berlin. Most of the property will remain as open space, as development is allowed only within the property’s center, leaving 86 acres dedicated to open space, including trails and a community garden. The footprint of the wastewater treatment facility had to be small, and it would have to be aesthetically pleasing as it is located in close proximity to apartment buildings. The owners also developed five bedrock wells for an onsite water supply and needed a public water supply storage and booster pump station constructed.


  • Onsite water withdrawal and groundwater recharge maintains local water balance
  • Small WWTP footprint contributes to maximizing open space
  • Avoided intermunicipal transfer of wastewater in a nutrient-limited watershed
  • Design-build-operate delivery minimizes owner’s risk exposure
  • 2016 construction

The Solution